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TubeNight Support Details:
For any query or complaint mail us on –
Our team will get back to you in 24hrs.
Along with your mail do send us.

o Transaction ID.
o Payment details.
o Email id
o Amount

Note: Please avoid sending multiple mails. Our team will revert back if they need more info from you.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q- I made a payment but my subscription isn’t active.
A- Sometimes there can be a delay between the payment system and ours. Please allow a few minutes for your subscription to be activated. If it's past a few minutes and still  the same issue comes please kill app from task manager and restart. By doing this you will get pro version of the app.

Q- Content is not playing. What is the issue?
A- If there is a problem in playing, please check your internet connection. If your internet is working fine send us an email at with snapshot of movie not playing.

Q- Once subscription is taken, can it be cancel later?
A- Yes you can cancel the subscription anytime, you can watch videos after cancellation till your End subscription date.

Q- Can I get refund back if I want to cancel the subscription?
A- No, once all the movies is unlocked refund will not be process. But please beassure you will get the good content and we are always open for your feedback if you wantto watch specific content.

Q- I received message from bank that payment was debited, but subscription was not ON.
A -If you get revert from Tubenight team stating your transaction was failed, in that casecheck with your payment gateway/wallet or bank about this deduction and refund stats.